Sirius Cooks is founded on and dedicated to cooking healthy, wholesome treats and specialty items for dogs and cats with human-grade organic ingredients.

Our mission consists of these interrelated parts:

Product Mission To make, distribute & sell the finest quality organic dog treats, Sirius Snacks; and Sirius Suppers; by committing to incorporate human-grade, wholesome, organic ingredients that promote health for dogs and cats, whilst respecting the Earth and the Environment. To also sell product that is in line with our Mission Statement. That we will offer only 3rd-party product that we would recommend or have used ourselves.

Economic Mission To operate the Company: on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth; increasing value for our future stakeholders; and expanding opportunities for development of the Company. With sustainable financial growth, the Company will be able to fund the goals of our Social mission.

Social Mission To operate the company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that a business can play in society by: initiating methods to bring humans and animals closer together in daily activities; promoting understanding that humans should share the peace and dignity that are inherent in all beings; and encouraging the involvement of animals within everyday life.

Central to the mission of Sirius Cooks is the belief that all three parts must thrive equally in a manner that commands deep respect for the relationship between animals and humans, and to support the animal rescues and shelters within our communities.

We have a progressive, nonpartisan social mission that seeks to bring healthy dog and cat treats and food to the forefront of human awareness. Our focus is on improving quality of treats for dogs and cats while being gentle on the environment by using human-grade and organic ingredients. We strive to promote a deep respect between humans and animals inside and outside our company and for the communities in which we live.

  Sirius Cooks, Inc.;

Contact Us
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You can visit us at our brick and mortar retail store at:
142 Harrison, Oak Park, Illinois 60304
Hours: Tues-Friday 11-7pm;
Sat & Sun 11-5pm
Closed Mondays
(along with the rest of the village of Oak Park ;)!

Other than our OWN home-made cooking, and nutritionally balanced, single-protein, Sirius Suppers

  (Chicken on Tuesdays, Beef on Wednesdays, Pork on Thursdays, Fish on Fridays and Turkey is on Saturday);

Please phone 708.358.0100 for other healthy food we carry!

Healthy Treats: always changing, from Whole Life
to our own, healthy Sirius Snacks™ and Sirius Frostys™


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